Emergency Glass Repair and Replacement in Perth

At JC Glass, we know that broken or shattered glass never comes at a good time. From stray balls puncturing holes in your kitchen windows to an attempted break-in at your store, broken or shattered glass is always dangerous. But it’s not just windows that can break; shower screens, splashbacks and mirrors can also shatter with force or impact.

Working with residential and commercial clients across Perth, our professionals provide fast and reliable emergency glass repair and glass replacement services 24/7. Our main priority is restoring safety, security and function, so we come fully equipped to take the stress and danger out of broken glass.

Fast Emergency Glass Replacements

If you’ve just discovered broken or shattered glass, it’s important to act fast to prevent any further damage or danger to yourself and the people around you. The first step is to secure the area by limiting access or putting up signage. Then, it’s time to call the professionals.

The JC Glass team responds to 24/7 call outs across the Perth region, offering fast and effective emergency glass replacement services. Unlike glass repairs,emergency glass replacements involve removing and replacing the entire pane of glass with a fresh, sturdy and secure piece. Often quicker and easier than glass repairs, emergency glass replacement help you to restore safety and security fast.

Restoring Safety with Prompt Glass Repair Services

When we respond to emergency glass repair and replacement call outs, we think ahead to offer proactive solutions. Our professionals may recommend replacing large windows or glass doors with safety or toughened glass. Particularly practical for busy businesses and households with kids, safety or toughened glass provides a modern, secure and safe alternative to traditional single pane glass.

While traditional glass breaks into pieces – allowing intruders to access your home instantly – our safety glass stays as one single sheet to deter threats for as long as possible.

Energy Efficient Window Glass Repair Solutions

Single pane glass offers minimal insulation, bringing in the cold winter or hot summer air into your home. With toughened glass and specialised glazing, you add insulation to your home thanks to the thickness, density and quality of the glass. This results in less energy consumption, lower energy bills and more stable temperatures in your space year-round.

Refresh the Look and Feel of Your Home

Window glass repairs and replacements are a great opportunity to reassess your current glass. By upgrading to modern, toughened and energy efficient glass, you can replace old windows and frames with contemporary styles that add value to your home.

Our toughened glass is also ideal for transforming your bathroom, from adding high quality new mirrors to a modern and contemporary shower wall.

Invite more natural light into your home with our range of secure, safe and durable glass options.

Organise Emergency Glass Repair and Glass Services Today

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