How to choose the right glass supplier for you

When you need your glass to be strong and withstand accidents, Mother Nature and wear and tear, it is important to choose a glazier who is qualified and can supply the right product for your needs.
Glaziers don’t just install and replace glass, they can measure and cut glass to fit your needs, safely and securely install window and door frames for your new or replacement glass, glaze and re-glaze glass in windows and doors and assemble units such as stalls and shower screens.
So how do you find the best glazier in Perth for your needs?


When you choose a qualified glazier, you are choosing someone who is an expert on the best products in the business and is trained in the correct techniques to create the safest, highest quality glass product for you. They also have access to the professional equipment required to cut glass to your individual needs

JC Glass Perth's Qualified Glazier
The team at JC Glass, based in Mirrabooka, are qualified glass solution specialists. Their knowledge and expertise mean they are available to service an extensive range of glass-fitting and repair services. JC Glass is qualified to cut a variety of glass types to precision, creating stunning glass splashbacks, frameless shower screensrobeswindows and doors made to measure.
JC Glass owner, John, has over 30 years experience in the glass industry, along with his right-hand man, and qualified glazier, Daniel.
JC Glass are backed by a team of qualified and experienced professionals, who take pride in maintaining their exceptional reputation across Perth’s northern suburbs


There’s a saying that goes “if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” If a company is offering an incredibly cheap deal for a job, there’s a good chance that you’re investing in an inferior product.
When you opt for the cheaper alternative, while it may be nice for your wallet today, it will usually work out to be more expensive in maintenance and repairs in the long run.
Cheap glaziers may be dirt-cheap because the glazier isn’t fully qualified, they may be using poor quality cuts or second-hand cuts, and you may not be entitled to a workmanship guarantee.


Quality products are just as important as quality workmanship. If one is lacking, your end product may not be safe and secure.
Many poor quality products are imported, or are mass-produced and come readily available at local hardware stores. Any glazier who is worth their salt will use high quality, Australian-made glass that meets the highest standard.
At JC Glass, the team use high quality toughened glass, safety glass, and single pane glass for their wide range of services, including window installation and 24 hour glass repair, shower screens, splash backs, mirrors and more.
A qualified glazier should always undertake glass repairs and installation, so it is important to know how to look for a glazier that meets professional standards. If you’re looking for a glass supplier in Perth who can meet all of your glass supply, repair and installations needs, contact the team at JC Glass today.

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