5 Ways to create seamless indoor/outdoor areas

Bringing the outside of your home inside with you is a great way to create flow and bring a relaxed feeling to your home. When you take advantage of your home’s natural light you’ll be able to effortlessly create this flow within your space. We’ve put together five of our favourite ways to create seamless indoor and outdoor spaces.


Allow the two spaces to become one by using sliding doors. Not only will it give you uncompromised views into your backyard, city scape or whatever else your property looks onto, but sliding doors bring an easy elegance and flow. They are naturally clean and sleek, with a minimalist feel.

Glass sliding doors are also a great option for family homes, allowing parents to easily watch the kids playing outside, while staying on top of what’s going on inside.

For a dramatic look or a backyard feature, use the same flooring as your home transitions from inside to outside. This gives a unique look and easy flow to your home.


In bedrooms and living areas using corner windows gives a whole new feel to a room. It’s a modern look that when done well allows you to make the very most of your spectacular views. You don’t have to shift the direction of your house to make the most of your surroundings, corner windows can easily do this for you. And with so many amazing vistas around Perth, a quality glass supplier such as JC Glass will have you appreciating your surrounds in a whole new light.

Corner windows also bring the outside in by giving large amounts of natural light.

modern look corner glass window - jc glass perth


Having floor to ceiling windows installed in your home makes a dramatic statement, lets in huge amounts of light and allows you to fully appreciate the view your home opens out to.

JC Glass uses toughened glass to ensure that if someone runs into your windows they won’t shatter or crack. This makes them a very safe and secure option, as well as an aesthetically pleasing one.

Floor to ceiling windows are also a great chance to get creative. While they always look fantastic in living rooms or opening onto balconies, many people are choosing floor to ceiling windows for their bathrooms, and building a small garden outside to give privacy. This is the ultimate in bringing the outside inside, and gives your house a unique feature.

Floor to ceiling toughened glass windows - JC Glass Perth


When most people think of clerestory windows, they think of theatre rooms or bathrooms, however this fantastic window can be used anywhere with just a little creativity.

If you’re concerned about privacy, this can be easily fixed, just have narrow windows installed along the top to let in natural light.

The natural light that comes from clerestory windows gives any room a light and ambient feel. With so many sizes and shapes available, they truly are an option for every room. Clerestory windows allow natural light without sacrificing storage or wall space making them perfect for walls that wouldn’t normally have the space for windows, for example behind beds in bedrooms, behind television units, and in kitchens.


With indoor greenery a growing trend, there’s never been a better time to add some greenery inside your home. Indoor plants are available at home and garden stores everywhere, with most so easy to take care of that anyone could do it.

Adding greenery inside your home can create a calming oasis and bring a luxurious feel to even plain rooms.

Furthermore, once you have beautiful glass windows, your indoor plants will thrive off the light and heat they receive through the glass. Different plants will do better in different rooms. For example, some plants such as a Cast Iron Plant suit low light and humidity, meaning the bathroom is a great place for them.

At JC Glass we offer all these glass solutions 24/7 and are able to find a solution to suit your needs.

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