Tips For Getting Windows Clean

Cleaning windows is a chore that most people try to avoid like the plague! Whether you have young children who just love to put their hands over everything, your windows just seem to attract dust, or you tend to end up with streaks every time you clean, it can be a –...

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Choosing A Glass Front Door

Your front door is a gateway to your home or business, the first impression to your visitors and one of the first lines of defense against intruders, which makes choosing a front door that ticks all the boxes incredibly difficult!A glass front door is just one of many...

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Choosing Between A Glass Shower Screen Or Curtain

Ah, a tale as old as time – or at least the mid-20th century – the debate between whether a more modern shower screen tops the humble shower curtain. Some people might swear by their shower curtain, while others vouch for glass shower screens instead. So what are the...

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Benefits Of Shower Screens

Shower and bathroom designs have come a long way, with multiple options now accessible and affordable to upgrade your bathroom and bring some modern appeal to your shower. Instead of relying on an outdated shower curtain to enclose your shower, many households opt for...

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How to clean your shower screens

There is nothing worse than showering with a shower screen covered in a layer of grime, mildew and a week’s worth of dirt build-up. You’ll never feel clean. Compare that feeling to entering a shower where the screen sparkles like diamonds in the sunlight....

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How a frameless shower screen can transform your bathroom

Over time, traditional shower screens often start to look a little old, worn and misty. Grime and scum builds up, staying put no matter how hard you try to scrub. That’s where frameless shower screens come in. Cut from quality WA glass, JC Glass’ frameless...

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5 Ways to create seamless indoor/outdoor areas

Bringing the outside of your home inside with you is a great way to create flow and bring a relaxed feeling to your home. When you take advantage of your home’s natural light you’ll be able to effortlessly create this flow within your space. We’ve put...

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Revive your bedroom

Your bedroom should be a restful, calming place that you look forward to spending time in. However, every now and then every bedroom needs a little bit of love and attention to bring it back to its best. Fixing up a run down bedroom is easy as can be...

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Emergency Glass Repair and Replacement in Perth

At JC Glass, we know that broken or shattered glass never comes at a good time. From stray balls puncturing holes in your kitchen windows to an attempted break-in at your store, broken or shattered glass is always dangerous. But it’s not just windows that...

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