Instead of relying on an outdated shower curtain to enclose your shower, many households opt for a glass shower screen instead.

Whether you are renovating your bathroom or choosing a shower for your new home, it’s worth considering how a shower screen can improve the appearance and durability of your shower, as well as the overall ambience of your bathroom.


While a patterned shower curtain may have been all the rage in the ’80s, the way we decorate our homes has changed.

The most obvious benefit of a shower screen is the sleek appearance it brings to your bathroom, allowing it to blend seamlessly with the other fixtures.


Modern designed bathroom with glass shower screen - JC Glass PerthAt JC Glass, one of our most popular types of glass shower screens in Perth is the frameless shower screen.

These screens allow you to really take control of the feel of your bathroom by taking away the frame, which can often look worn, and replacing it with a frameless shower screen that appears as a single pane of floor-to-ceiling glass.

The result? A minimalist, modern shower screen that will breathe life into an old bathroom or complement a new one.


Let’s be honest – no one likes a high maintenance bathroom! So you’ll be glad to know that frameless glass shower screens minimise the opportunity for mould to grow.

While cleaning glass might be the stuff of nightmares for most, we promise that cleaning glass shower screens can be simple – check out our blog on how to clean glass shower screens with simple household products.

Other than a post-shower wipe down to remove water spots, your glass shower screen should require very little maintenance and in turn, less elbow grease before that rent inspection or before visitors arrive.


Avoid turning those nasty fluorescent lights on first thing in the morning and make the most of your bathrooms natural light with glass shower screens.

Not only do glass shower screens allow the sunlight to flow right through, they can also make your bathroom seem larger!

Without the bulky frames, shower curtains and the like, teaming a glass shower screen with light coloured tiles, a well-placed bathroom mirror from JC Glass and natural light can give the illusion that your bathroom is more spacious.


A major drawcard of glass shower screens is that they can be customised to suit your existing space or designed however you like for a brand new bathroom.

The team at JC Glass can custom fit your new shower screens, which is particularly helpful for anyone with a small or awkwardly spaced bathroom.


A shower screen made of glass might give some parents with young children heart palpitations, but fear not!

The glass used in shower screens is tempered and treated to make them scratch and shatter-resistant. If you do notice a chip or crack, the JC Glass team offers a 24-hour glass replacement service to minimise the risk of further damage.

If you’re looking into installing a shower screen in Perth, look no further than JC Glass!

Our professional team can discuss your options with you, then design and install a shower screen that is customised to your home.

With a wealth of knowledge behind us, you can rest assured your glass shower screen design, installation and any repairs down the track are done to the highest quality.

Contact JC Glass to get started on your glass shower screen journey today!


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